Private Workshops.

If you are interested in having a private workshop at your home or office space, I’m happy to come and conduct one.


$50/hr, or 2hrs for $80

Private workshops that I offer include:

  • Medicinal chocolate making. I teach you how to make a soft fudge-like chocolate with whole and organic ingredients (can be vegan or not, can have medicinal herbs or not). Ingredients are included in the workshop price, and all I need is a stove/hotplate. We’ll go over the medicine of chocolate, what can and cannot be added to chocolate to make it even better, and a print-out of instructions and the recipe.
  • Ways to protect yourself during cold and flu season, foods, herbs, and lifestyle choices that can support the immune system.
  • How to get a restful and complete sleep, using foods, herbs, and lifestyle changes to get the most out of your sleep.
  • Preparing for seasonal allergies, things that need to be done before the season starts, and how to protect yourself once it arrives.
  • Tincture making: Folk Method, Therapeutic Maceration, non-alcoholic, and Percolation.
There are no group workshops currently being offered.

In the future the Apothecary will be offering monthly workshops in the local area.

Presently I’m working on some workshop ideas for the winter, let me know what you might be interested in!

  • Medicine in the kitchen.
  • Chocolate making.
  • How to make 4 different kinds of tinctures in your own home!
  • Salves and creams, making simple things for healthy skin.
  • Sleep and dreams: Help with basic sleeping patterns, sleep disorders, and dream work.

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Thank you!