• When: From October 1st to Dec 1st
  • Cost: $60 for 1-4 people. An additional $10 charge for each person over 4.
  • Where: Francis/King Regional Park, or Royal Roads University
  • Length: About 2 hours.
  • Health and safety: Please bring bring a mask to allow for closer inspection of specimens in a group. Otherwise physically distance. Thank you.
  • Please register at WhiteOwlMedicinals@gmail.com or call or text 778-684-4647 to book your walk. Groups are limited to 9 people! 
  • Important note: This is a purely educational walk, we will not be harvesting from the forest except for small specimens to aid with identification.

Here in the Pacific Northwest we have an incredible biodiversity of mushrooms and fungi, with the months between August and November being peak season for mushroom hunting and discovering.

It’s hard to deny the magic of finding your first mushroom ring, or positively identifying a choice edible and bringing it home to simmer over the stove and proudly serve to friends and family.

On this educational walk, we’ll cover the basics of positive identification, where and when mistakes can be made, things to consider before harvesting or consuming any mushrooms or plant life, as well as practical and medicinal applications for what we find.

It’s hard to guarantee how much we’ll actually come across (cross your fingers for rain), but what I can say is that I have yet to walk into the forest in these parts WITHOUT finding an interesting mushroom or 2, or 10!

So, if you’ve been curious about what lies under your feet, and you’ve wanted to learn not just the names, and techniques for identification, but also the medicinal and culinary uses of these wonders of nature, this is an activity for you! 

This walk will take you wandering down moss filled paths, into the dark of the wood, where you will get up close and personal with all kinds of plant life. Bring good shoes, weather appropriate clothes, a notebook if you’re inclined, and a curiosity to learn all about the practical uses of mushrooms and fungi.