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I believe that medicine can take many forms in our life, it can be something as poetic as diving into fresh water on a hot day in summer and letting your body relax into weightlessness, or it can be something as complicated as the extracted constituents of a plant distilled and offered in potent tincture drops.

Medicine can be many layered as well. There is a difference between brewing a quick cup of tea as you rush out the door to work, and sitting down to tend to a pot of gently simmering roots and berries, sweetened with local honey, and poured into a special stone cup that is reserved for medicinal tea and has the magical ability to slow down time as you drink it by candle light or sunrise or moon glow.

I like infusing medicine into honey and chocolate (which are medicines in and of themselves), or bringing herbs into soup and turning it into a nutritional decoction, or laying oneself down into a bath of petals and oils and absorbing healing into every pore. It all depends on what the body needs… and listening to the body until you relax into the knowing that you’re getting exactly what you need to be better.

Some of the medicines I have featured in this gallery are:

  • Chocolate with a blend of medicinal mushrooms, spices, and sea salt.
  • Chai
  • Flower Essences
  • Tinctures
  • Teas
  • Crocheted owl stuffed with dream herbs
  • A necklace with birch bark woven into it for rooting yourself into the earth

If there is anything you see that you are interested in please contact the apothecary for more information. Some of these medicines are available for custom order, and some are offered during herbal consultations and sessions.