White Owl Medicinals

Home nest is in beautiful Marquette Michigan

The apothecary tends to migrate all over the map as I travel often between the States and Canada, I am always available in one way or another, and I’ll be sure to let you know if I ever drop off the grid entirely on some magical journey or another.


Reach Sky Richarde at:

Email: whiteowlmedicinals {at} gmail {dot} com  
Phone: 906-362-3611

Feel free to contact the apothecary for any reason, I’ll try to answer whatever questions I can. If you are trying to make a purchase and have questions about the shipping prices, form of shipment, or anything along those lines, I am happy to answer your questions

If you have questions about herbs, dreams, workshops, and walks, I’m available to answer those questions as well.

If you wish to make an appointment for an herbal consultation, please email and leave information on your preferred form of communication (email, phone, post, carrier pigeon, skype, etc), and I’ll get back to you as soon as humanly possible.




Now conducting consultations at the Marquette Location:

1306 Pioneer Road

Marquette MI 49855

Just off of highway 553, 2 minutes passed Econo Foods, turn right at the caution light!

Other Options:

    1. Initially meeting in a public space, such as a café where you feel comfortable. The Peter White Library, the food Co-op, and Baby Cakes Coffee co are some options in the area.
    2. Weather permitting, we can meet in a park, such as Lower Harbor or Presque Isle. 
    3. Home visits! I am able to conduct home visits after an initial public meeting, especially if you have a quiet space in your home and no one else is around. Often people are distracted in their own space if they have other things demanding their attention, such as kids, partners, roommates, or dishes. So if I come to your space, recognize these obstacles to healing and do what you need to do.
    4. I offer consultations via phone, Facebook video, Skype, and Google Video, 

**Please see the consultation page for more information.