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Ghost Pipe


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Inked in 2014, using a feather quill, paint brushes, water-based ink, and titanium shimmer highlights.

The original size is 12×6″

The piece can be resized smaller or larger upon request, and will decrease and increase in price relatively.

This picture is available as a print on card-stock, or canvas. Each reproduction will come with handwritten information either on the back of the card-stock, or on a card behind the canvas. I will also retouch the piece with a some of my own ink, and add a splash of titanium shimmer so it reflects the brilliance of the original. In this way, each print is unique.


Walking deep into the green of the Pacific North woods, there is a hush the elder cedars cast over the forest, and the thick mossy beds beneath them seem tantalizingly comfortable in the quiet. Each step is swallowed into the ground as I sink deeper on my path. I can hear the elusive and magical beast that I hunt… it calls to me… calls me to lay down and sleep and dream. I sing back, as I always do when I am harvesting, letting the Ghost Pipe know that I wish to collect its medicine for those in need. This was the first time I had gone to harvest Ghost Pipe, and not something which I will do again for many years if ever… Monatropa uniflora is an endangered species and its magic and medicine should be used with respect and caution. The forest I found was abundant with them and I only removed a single stalk from five separate stands that had at least 9 flowers growing. Harvesting this way… it takes hours of searching and wandering, but this is respect in action and the forest answers back.

I carry a bag to pick up litter I find in the forest and it never fails to be filled by the end of the day, no matter how far into the woods I wander.

On this day, I came across a beautiful fallen birds nest, a large barred owl feather, and the tail of a rabbit. The medicine was already scattered throughout the forest, and here I found everything needed to bless my Ghost Pipe tincture… a nest for safety, a rabbit’s tail to remind us the natural order of things and carry with it a whisper of the sensuality that Ghost Pipe evokes, and a feather to rise above our physical limitations.

I felt a bit like Alice in Wonderland on this day, and so, when I returned home, I knew that I needed to capture the day in a way that photographs simply can not. If you let it… Ghost Pipe will pull you down many winding and mysterious pathways, deeper and deeper into its underworld realm, you can choose to follow the paths unconsciously, and perhaps wind up in the faery realms of yore, or you can recognize the Ghost Pipe as the gate keepers and decide for yourself what journey you wish to embark upon.

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Print on canvas, Print on heavy card-stock


12×6, 24×12, 4×2


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